Berky's drop-off debris provides homeowners a fast, easy and affordable way to dispose of voluminous loads or oversized items not accepted with your regular trash pick-up. Berky’s is not a landfill, but a transfer station, where debris is sorted for recycling, reuse or disposal.

First time visitor instructions:

  1. Upon arrival, pull your car, truck, trailer etc. onto our vehicle scale.
  2. Once your vehicle's loaded weight has been recorded you will receive the green light.
  3. Pull into our unloading area, an elevated, paved platform overlooking our roofed debris sorting area.
  4. Dump your debris.
  5. Pull back onto the scale where your vehicle's unloaded weight will be recorded. We will calculate the weight of the debris unloaded based on the difference.
  6. You will receive an invoice for the amount owed based on our set rates.

It's that easy.

NOTE: Offloading by hand is not allowed. Mechanical dumping only (e.g. dump trailers, dump trucks, roll-off trucks, etc).