Berky's transfer offers inbound construction and demolition (C&D) waste and disposal services.

Construction & Remodeling

Homeowners and contractors bring your C&D waste from home remodeling projects or new construction to Berky’s Transfer. We will sort through and properly dispose of what remains.


Berky’s Transfer accepts materials consisting of the debris generated during demolition of buildings, roads and bridges. If you have your own dump truck or dump trailer, bring your demolition debris to Berky’s for disposal. If you are undertaking a large demolition project you may find it more efficient and cost effective when considering fuel and man-hours spent hauling, to utilize Berky’s Site Container Service.

NOTE: Offloading by hand is NOT allowed. Mechanical dumping only (e.g. dump trailers, dump trucks, roll-off trucks, etc).

Additional Services

Additional Services

Free Scrap Metal Drop-Off

Berky's will accept the free drop-off of scrap metals, such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass and tin, including that found in old appliances like ranges, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and dishwashers. We encourage you to keep these valuable and finite natural resources out of landfills by dropping them off for recycling. The mining, concentrating and smelting of raw materials for metal is a costly and environmentally damaging process.

We CANNOT accept the following metalic items: propane tanks, drums, barrels, batteries or any scrap material containing hazardous waste material.